The new 4G subscriptions have been overhauled again. Since the new so-called "Unlimited Packages" have been discontinued, the new orders that have been placed have been converted. The user now gets 50GB storage with the standard 4G subscription, but this seems to be the same as the 5G subscriptions. With the new 4G subscriptions, a boost of memory has been pumped in, but you can no longer buy unlimited storage, but the function of 5GB will remain, it may be possible in the future to buy more data for extra storage. The reason HostLease has discontinued the unlimited plans is because too many users were using the hosting as a repository for the files which is against the rules, however the new Terms Of Service have been updated this morning and the rules have become stricter. HostLease promises a kind of overselling possible with an application for very large companies. However, things have also changed with migrations. Since cPanel makes it increasingly difficult to convert backups to DirectAdmin, HostLease has also made a switch, as of November 20, 2021 HostLease will no longer accept new migrations from cPanel, the user who wants a migration will first have to find a DirectAdmin provider to continue a migration or put your hand in the website yourself.


UPDATE FROM 22/11/2021. All +Pro plans have added the unlimited disk space instead of the cheapest plan, to prevent abuse.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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